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Link diners to diverse experiences, Boosting restaurant revenue

Our comprehensive software platform empowers restaurants to streamline booking processes, elevate customer relationship management, and optimize overall guest experiences.


Expand your customer access through free standard website

A website with the predesigned layout is ready for you to launch quickly - without the need to pay or design anything. All you need to get started is your content. Don't miss updating new menu, hot deals, and seasonal campaigns on your store website because customers can freely reserve tables whenever and wherever there.

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Increase store revenue from big group customers by promoting your event/ party service on our curated store list

Marketing cost is no more your burden. Your store will be one of the targeted options for big group bookings in our specialized list. Approaching party size of customers has not ever been this easy. All you should do are good preparations for welcoming customers. Let us assist you with the other matters.

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Manage waiting queue and keep customers stay with your store

How to coordinate smoothly between waiting turns and upcoming tables? How to calm customers' anger down while waiting for their turn? Operation is burnt out by both dining and waiting customers. M Table is the answer for you. We not only give customers comfort and satisfaction by virtual waitlist but also reduce operation's pressure by automated system from updating customers' registrations, allocating the table to informing real-time status. Forget about pen and paper because we are here.

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Minimize your damage caused by no-show by transparent deposit policy

Your store may ask for a deposit so you can best plan ahead for the reservation, especially if it's a holiday or the party is large. It helps ensure the store stay in business.


The more convenient features customers experience, the more potential market your store achieve

M Table empowers personalized online booking and recommendation, which support customers discovering high-quality stores via curated lists and real-time map. Moreover, customers can easily save and refer their favorite options to their friends. By this way, your store can reach more and more people in our community.

Quickly register in three easy steps


​an account

Get in touch with M Table to open an account based on your basic information


Set up
​store website

Upload general information, ongoing deals, latest menu photos


Configure your
management system

Add operation time and store layout

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